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-Oh Kate-

Her name, Kate Foley. Newest Inspiration.These Kates in this world. It seems like they’re given this name and they’re expected to be amazing. Most shocking is that most of them are. At least the ones that I can think of right now. KATE1


Wearing ASOS shoes and a Cheap Monday shirt

Bildschirmfoto 2013-01-04 um 00.00.20

Exceptional taste in fashion usually doesn’t come alone. Package deal: An amazing sense for interior design.

Kate Foley, one of these successful 20-something year olds who seem to have done everything right in their lives. She’s a buyer for Open Ceremony and lives in New York City, a city in which she wants to grow old in. Understandable. Her look is fascinating in many ways: If you would split her outfits into pieces and look at it individually, you would find yourself asking what exactly is so special about her style? The important point in this is she self. With her adorable long, blonde hair and never missing white socks she turns every outfit in something special.

What does that mean for me? – Invest in white, simple and classic pieces blouses or dresses. Light jeans or overalls with all kinds of wedges in all kinds of colors. With it a parker in military look and a lot of colorful accessories and Voilá.

It might be because she just started in that whole big scary business of New Yorks Fashion Design, but I like her because you can tell that she is a lot herself. Me in 6 years? Let’s hope so. Love always, x


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