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I try to start at the beginning here. So, a friend and I decided a while ago to spend a summer in the UK. We ended up in Torquay, a lovely harbor town right at the ocean (Yeah, go ahead google it because I would pst a few pictures, but it just feels too long ago!) and stayed there for 2 weeks. We also spent a couple days in London. We got to know a lot of new people. One of them is Jana from Heilbronn, Germany.  When we were back home we decided rather spontaneously, that were missing her a lot. So we got on the next train…


Left – Me. Blouse//Urban Outfitters Cardigan//ZARA Shorts//Primark Bag//Etsy
Right – Mel. Dress//Pull&Bear Coat//H&M Bag//Vintage

Jana showed us around the city. And took us to her favorite places- It didn’t take long for us to fall in love with that place with all its cafés and vintage shops


Moccafé serves the best coffee in the city and has an unique concept. You could feel like Audrey, very classy.


Omlette, Yoghurt with fresh fruits plus lots and lots of Café au Lait (yup, french for Latté)


After a LOT of shopping was done, Jana took us to an independent restaurant called Velo. There’s nothing better than a Cranberry-Mint Iced Tea believe me, I know now what I’m talking about!


Mel on the left wearing a Pull&Bear dress
Jana on the right wearing a H&M dress and a ZARA coat


getting ready for the night.

It was a good weekend and the most important thing: it gave us a little, but needed break. Love always, x


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