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-The Chocolate Season-

My love for coffee and coffee shops was always really special. But after having lunch at this café in Algona, IA with my friend today, I’m pretty sure that this appreciation is on a whole new level. Let me introduce you: The Chocolate Season. IMG_0258NEWIMG_0260NEWIMG_0262NEWIMG_0267NEWLUNCHIMG_0287IMG_0288NEWIMG_0292NEW

It’s definitely one of the most amazing places that I’ve ever been to. And that is in Iowa, United States. I have no idea what the thing is with me and cafés. I guess the idea of the people that would love them and would go there is what fascinates me. I picture its visitors as people, artistic, independent and open minded, someone who I would want to be. Coffee shops make me feel at home and it doesn’t matter where I am in the world. Starbucks at the Zurich Airport and in Zurich (Switzerland) itself. In Berlin, Germany and Barcelona, Spain. All these places that I’ve been to and I always made sure to find a café shop that I loved. And the smell. Call me weird, but I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee. This is “all” that it takes: An unusual but cute concept and a person, who’s crazy enough to try his/her luck to run it. These coffee shops are places where people come together. In my case, my dear friend Sarah and I decided to go there to have Lunch today.  Soup and Quiche together with Iced Coffee, very simple but delicious! I didn’t have a certain timeframe in mind, but I was actually surprised when I realized hat we spent at least 2 hours in there talking about our futures and exploring the world (Well, that kind of belongs together, doesn’t it?) I’m really happy to have her and I had no idea what to do without her. Even if the can’t back out of drive ways, yeah Sarah, it’s YOU I’m talking about here!


16 E State St. Algona, IA 50511 //

What’s your favorite coffee shop, either at home or one that you discovered on one of your trips to_________? Let me know, it’d be good to know that I’m not completely crazy yet! Love always, x


One thought on “-The Chocolate Season-

  1. You are not crazy! I love coffee shop too because in this place I like observing people and imagine their life!
    In my country, Italy, there are lots of little beatiful places where have a coffee with magical atmosphere….

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