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Sunday Night Inspiration

Sundays, the days when youre okay with doing nothing because well… it’s sunday. I spent mine on interior design blogs, so I didn’t waste any time at all! My favorite: Weekday Carnival 

PicMonkey Collage1

PicMonkey Collageeeee11

clear structure and modern design. Mostly black and white with color highlights. A lot of art mixed with magazines and a lot of clothes. Me in 3 years right there.

I love the natural colors.

I love the natural colors.

And everything looks like it belongs to an Etsy shop.


weekdaycarnivall_ kids design bed 16I wasn’t surprised when I looked for interior design blogs today: 90% of the sites I loved were Swedish. They are just naturally talented- I mean just look at Ikea, swedish man, now probably multi millionaire, who wanted to make design accessible to everybody. I could spend hours and hours just browsing around in Ikea, looking at all these perfect sample rooms. Not to mention that Swedish food is more then delicious! Sweden for me is Pipi Longstocking, a lot of blonde hair, Köttbullar, Stockholm, H&M and last but not least Mando Diao (amazing musicians, check them out!) So for today, this is all I archived: Weekday Carnival is amazing. Love always, x


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