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Amsterdam Couture

IMG_0750IMG_0752Maison ScotchIMG_0751IMG_0754IMG_0759IMG_0761

We went to that shop mostly for inspiration: And it worked. The pieces that they have, not too many but selected ones. It’s the right mix between classy, elegant chic and urban streetstyle. Made in Amsterdam, this brand is unique. It’s made for the individual person and not a mass of people, the ones who love clothes and enjoy wearing them. It is inspired “by a rich wealth of inspiration from all around the world”. Founded in the late 80’s it never became really popular but that changed when three new designers restarted the project in 2001. Now you can find them at high fashion events and in over 50 Original stores world wide, with more to come. One of them is here in NYC and having been in one in Berlin, I kind of knew what to expect, but I was very surprised, when I found it to be completely different. You’re planning on traveling to a big city some time soon? You should definitely check if there’s a Scotch & Soda store anywhere near you. If there’s not, they have an online store and

Bildschirmfoto 2013-01-22 um 00.34.39Love always (sorry for wanting you to spend all your money), xBildschirmfoto 2013-01-22 um 00.15.31


One thought on “Amsterdam Couture

  1. I love reading your posts each day! So envious of you girls and I know how much fun you are having. I spent a week in New York City when I was seventeen. So awesome! Time seems to fly by and this blogging will help you remember so much more 🙂

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