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Red Doors & Brick Walls

Another thing I loved about Greenwich Village, that seemed to be perfect: Little random spots that seem to be perfect for pictures…IMG_0616IMG_0625IMG_0631IMG_0633IMG_0637

We found that place, when we were looking for the Greenwich Letterpress. It’s the places you don’t look for that end up being the best ones. It started out as a really nice day. But it became colder and colder, the later it was. It even snowed a little bit, of course this ended up as the day that we had the most walking to do. But if you see places like that on your way? Totally worth it. What I wore: ZARA Blouse//Levis Jeans//American Apparel Belt//Timberland Shoes//Calvin Klein Coat//ZARA purse

Love always, x


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