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Swedish Sweets

“Ha en söt dag!” is Swedish for “Have a sweet day!” is what welcomed us in Greenwich Village yesterday. Remember how I blogged about how much I love Swedish design: Here you can see, a perfect example. And again, the best places are  the ones that you’re not looking for.IMG_0647IMG_0649IMG_0650IMG_0651 IMG_0655IMG_0658IMG_0667

I never realized how much I missed European sweets. The shop that we discovered had it all: Maoam and black Liquorice, not that I missed it like crazy, but it reminded me of home. We didn’t even plan on going there, how, we didn’t know about it until we passed it. But I just couldn’t  resist this shop with it’s white walls and simple but elegant design. And how could you not set a foot through that door, which has cute prints on it? It’s been in Greenwich Village for 2 years now, the founders are from Sweden wanting to bring the tradition of Saturday treats to American kids. And of course how could it be: as natural as it could get, without any transfer fats or artificial colors. Between little kids, trying to get their hands on the best stuff and postcards from Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark, we spend our time taking pictures. You don’t need to love sweets to come here, it’s worth it just to see it!

Love always, x

89 Christopher St. New York, NY 10014



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