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City of the Empire State

Seeing the city from above makes everything seem so real. Wandering through the streets and avenues, all these tall buildings sometimes makes you forget how big and impressive the whole city really is. Also, it is really calm up there (if you ignore the ever blowing, winter wind) and I can really understand why this women in Johnathan Safran Foers novel “Extremely loud and incredible close” never wanted to leave the top of her building. You can lose yourself really easily in that booming and fast moving city, I felt like it gave us some space to breathe and realize what exactly we were doing. After realizing, that it was real, that we were really here and freaking out for a little (of course only in a good way), we could enjoy our luck. Sorry for all the different effects, but this was supposed to be an instagram post…IMG_0777bigPicMonkey Collage1IMG_0785bigPicMonkey Collage99IMG_0808bigPicMonkey Collage IMG_0829big PicMonkey Collageidk

Love always, x


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