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Nya mål, nya dröm//New goal, New dream

dearstockholmI haven’t always been interested in traveling and seeing the world. At least not as much as I’m now, let’s just put it like that. Spending time in New York City was amazing but all in all it makes me miss Europe a lot. And now here I am already dreaming of my next destination: Stockholm, Sweden. Why am I so hopelessly in love with that city (it’s not Ikea)? This is my list:

Bildschirmfoto 2013-02-03 um 10.41.501. //Stockholm Streetstyle// Streetstyle (and it doesn’t matter on which part of the earth) has always been inspiring for me. I can’t help but notice the classic chic that all the people there seem to have. In comparison to people from London, Swedes don’t seem to try hard at fashion. It seems like they don’t give it much of a thought and yet there they are looking effortlessly chic most of the time. A thing that I noticed: They make winter coats and all that stuff you obviously need to keep you warm look great.

2. //Interior Design// We obviously know the enormous influence Ikea has all over the globe. But that isn’t all this country has to offer (even if it is a good start) when it comes to design. I could spend hours and hours looking for Swedish Interior Design blogs( – – – (!!!) just to name a few)Somebody asked me: “Why do you look at all these white rooms all the time?” It made me chuckle because it’s true, but only the one, who’s interested in Interiors knows that there’s so much more to it. It’s the general clean appearance mixed with colorful accents that I love. Also the talent they have to make a room, that is completely furnished in black and white not look like a museum.

Bildschirmfoto 2013-02-03 um 10.51.313. //Mando Diao// These handsome men started their career in Stockholm, but are originally from Borlänge. With Gustaf Norén, Björn Dixgård as lead singers they have a unique sound that is hard to be found. A band that is different then any other. I promise you are going to fall in love (not only) with their music once you’ve seen their MTV unplugged – Above and Beyond performance. It still makes me shiver listening to their album and hear them sing
“I wanna love you but I’m growing old. Ten little soldiers screaming in my soul. Will she come over when it’s time to go? Come on and show me little drummerboy. Mr Moon.” Having seen them live in concert twice in Berlin and Schaffhausen, Switzerland made me love them even more

4. //Acne// Stands for Ambition to Create Novel Expression, a creative fashion house founded by Stockholm designer Jonny Johansson. The brand is known for its elegantly cut white blouses and directional tailoring. Elegance in minimalism is their key, therefore it didn’t take long until they had their “studios” in all big European Cities. They don’t advertise through traditional/visional advertisement. Instead the label markets itself through their magazine called Acne Paper. It focuses on art, fashion, photography, design, architecture, academia, and culture1 ACNE LOGO

5. //Childhood// This is more of a personal thing for me, but I just couldn’t write about Sweden and not mention the stories that I know (and still love) from my childhood. “Petterson und Findus” “Michel aus Lönneberga” and “Pippi Langstrumpf” Growing up without them wouldn’t have been the same!

Bildschirmfoto 2013-02-03 um 10All in all, there are different reasons why I want to go there. It is the city in general, look at it isn’t it pretty with all these little “oh-so-European” houses, small winding alleys and the habor? David Hellqvist, Fashion Editor of a Swedish magazine summed it up perfectly: “It’s about our lifestyle, our way of living. From uncluttered houses to safe cars, streamlined furniture, black and white clothing – the whole clean approach. We Swedes cleverly know what people want. We understand that less is more.” Love always, x


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