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{Spring Favorites}

ANTHROPOLOGIESpring really takes it’s time this year. But maybe I only feel like that because I’m so sick of the cold and all the things that it brings with it. The dark colors in m closet are no big helpers either, so I decided that I was desperately in need for some inspiration. And I had perfect timing, the American Store Anthropologie (which I fell in love with immediately) developed an app for iPad and iPhone. I could spend hours and hours looking at the stuff they sell. They have everything you could ever think of, from interiors -which are so unique that you could easily picture them in a designers apartment- to lipstick. Their designs are simple, the colors are light, bright, easy. A lot of white and cream but mixed with a citrus green and orange seem to be my favorites this year. Now excuse me, I have to go and browse their webpage some more. What pieces are your favorites? Love always, x

{the pictures are not mine, I found them on their website}


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