Next destination: Vegas

90260032_web KopieIt almost is this time of the year: I’m getting ready for my next trip. It is different this time though, I’m headed west to Vegas, to see the sun a lot of fun and things to see. The next months, sadly the last ones in the United States, are going to be crazy, a lot of events and awesome trips. I can’t wait. The part of he country I’ve never been in, but heard, read, seen so much about. I’m excited that I have the opportunity and just as any other I’ll use it and only make the very best out of it. I’m sitting here at home listening to all the West Coast songs on my spotify playlist, wondering if and how all this snow is ever gonna disappear. A welcome break if only for a little while. I can already get used to the idea of being out west, since it’s not going to be long till I’m in the city of the Golden Gate Bridge. Best time of my life, here I come. Love always, x



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