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My German Band Friends

I’m more than happy to announce that I started caring about my home country’s music. I never could because all I associated with German music was the Schlager stuff that weird people sung at Oktoberfest. Yes, it is as bad as it sounds. BUT there’s been some change especially on the women front, which definitely started to give me some hope.



These to ladies were the first to give me hope.  They’re everything that normal bands today aren’t anymore: unique, real, authentic, sweet and romantic. BOY are artistic rather than artificial. Sonja Glass (left, from Zurich) and Valeska Steiner(right, from Hamburg) don’t sell themselves or any image they do what they love: music. I’m not surprised that their album “Mutual Friends” is such a huge success not only in Germany but in the UK and in the United States. Being here right now I can tell that this band is going to have a bright future in front of them. Their songs were featured in American hit show series like Pretty Little Liars and 90210. Biggest surprise for me was when I was walking through an outdoor mall in Las Vegas and heard their song “Little Numbers” playing over the loudspeakers. They are on their North America Tour right now and I really hope that I can make it to their concert in Minneapolis (which would be kind of ironic because I would have needed to come here to them live for the first time) Till then I’m going to continue listening to their songs on my iPod, it just never gets old.

Leslie Clio


Born in Hamburg,  Leslie Clio moved to Berlin after she graduated in 2010 because she liked the cities “poor but sexy” image. It really easy to relate to her sound that she describes as “modern Soul-Pop with a touch of retro.” People say she is the German mix of Adele and Lily Allen. Her career just started but she already performed at the Berlin “Auf den Daechern Festival” and her song ‘Couldn’t care less’ is featured in Matthias Schweighoefers new movie. Bright future ahead? Let’s hope so.

love always, x


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