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The night of nights

So this is it. Our fashion show. Everything, that we’ve been working for for the past semester. It was exactly how we imagined it to be yet completely different. We’ve had the idea for a while, but I never realized what we’d really gotten ourselves into. It was my ambition to go to school and spend time in the fashion room, trying to get everything ready for the 10 minutes that would change everything. I still can not believe that we can call it ours. The girls, all our models were amazing. Thank you again (even though I mentioned that about 17283 times already)! This is my little ‘behind the scenes’ kinda thing because I was sadly but obiously not able to see the actual show, or take pictures.. That’s why we had Shelby Gappa though, to film the show and make it part of our documentary, that I’m dying to watch. I hope you guys get a little impression about how amazing it really was.

IMG_1727IMG_1763morganIMG_1779IMG_1791IMG_1849IMG_1854PicMonkey CollageIMG_1879IMG_1886öairöfnöaokjwnr


One thought on “The night of nights

  1. You are a talented photographer and writer. You make everything so personal yet professional. So grateful for all you have done for Sarah and opening doors and hearts! Thank you Kat! You are a lovely talented young woman that is sure to make a beautiful mark on,this world.

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