San Francisco / Traveling

City of the Golden Gate

Here’s another dream of mine that is finally coming true. Do you guys know the feeling of anticipating something for so long, that it feels unreal when it finally arrives? It could be anything, an event, a person, a bands’ record that was supposed to publish like 2 years ago… but in my case it was California. A destination in my life, a place I wanted to see and spend time at.

Don’t get me wrong I’ll always be a NYC/Eastcoast kinda girl, but being here really shows me a part of the world I’ve never seen before. Where is that dream of being here coming from? Maybe I can blame TV shows in my early childhood (who doesn’t remember the adorable Olsen twins in Full House, I mean..!) or maybe it was one of the lovely ladies Annabel or Rumi Neely that are blogging so ambitiously about fashion in their beautiful hometown day for day- It was the way of living I could relate to so easily, that was really catching my attention. Organic food and design is a combination I simply can’t resist. So today was number one in San Francisco and there’s a whole lot more to come, but one day already made me fall in love with a city that I barley know anything about. But what can I say? IMG_2105IMG_2049IMG_2295IMG_2250IMG_2430IMG_2085kjlIMG_2426IMG_2435IMG_2460


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