San Francisco / Traveling


Oh beautiful San Francisco, how can you do this to me? Every single day you show me  new side of you I haven’t seen before or expected by that matter. How am I supposed to say goodbye to you? And where are all those hearts you’ve already stolen? Golden Gate Park by bike was todays plan, we rented bikes at Streets of San Francisco (those guys are awesome, definitely rent there if it ever crosses your mind!) and they were PUBLIC ones too, so I was perfectly content because they are my favorite ever. They advertise they’re bikes as ‘Classic European City bikes designed for today’ and I just can’t get over their simple minimalistic design, which makes them look effortlessly chic. The beach has been on my bucket list ever since I arrived, it just never seemed to be quite the right time to actually go there. So what better chance could I have than ride my bike there? IMG_3108IMG_3112IMG_3128IMG_3143don’t ever try to drive through sand with your bike – – it didn’t seem that much at that time, I swear.IMG_3162IMG_3196IMG_3207IMG_3213Screen shot 2013-05-25 at 23.52.21IMG_3123If you’re from San Francisco, want to be from there, you’re heart belongs here, you have a weakness for California, like sand beneath your feet and the sun in your face or whatever, you should get out there, rent a bike and see for yourself how beautiful the world around you can be! PS: Just a little advice – YOU HAVE TO BE RESISTANT AGAINST WIND – forget about your hair, you can fix it later. Who cares? Have fun, be you, have the time of your life.

Love always, x


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