San Francisco

Northern California

Traveling in California alone would be worth a month of seeing places, that are more beautiful than others. With all its beaches and little towns on it’s coast it is a place that differs in variety more than any other state I’ve been to in all the time I spent here in the United States. Our first stop was really close to the city, you could say just across the bridge: The University of California. Berkeley has a name people recognize all over the world. I really loved their campus and was happy to have “stepped by”. And yes, I could really see myself on that campus carrying my heavy books from building to building to get to all my classes. As if that would ever happen, maybe in my next life when I’m born into a wealthy doctors family… but hey I’m allowed to dream right?!PicMonkey CollageIMG_3341

Napa Valley really positively surprised me. I knew it was known for it’s wine but I really didn’t think anything about it, when we first started to plan our trip. While we were heading north of San Francisco, the clouds suddenly started to disappear and all that was left was the sun and it’s hilly landscape beneath it. I was so busy looking at all the beautiful houses and little towns we drove through, that I didn’t even notice the “long” drive (Europeans and Americans have a completely different relation to time that is spend in a car. Believe me it was a long drive for Europeans). It reminded me a lot of Italy’s Tuscany so it felt a little bit like home. The next stop was at St. Supéry Estate Vineyards & Winery a beautiful place to be. IMG_3395IMG_3365IMG_3446PicMonkey Collage1St. Helena was the town that was nearest to the winery. It had a street with café shops and home decor stores. We stopped for Iced Coffee, it was at least 15 Celsius warmer there so that is what we really needed! Like most of things in California most of the stores sold organic products from recycled post cards to natural face cremes by L’occitane.

IMG_3483 IMG_3489 IMG_3494 IMG_3509I always try to not do too many touristy things whenever I go and visit places, but drive over the Golden Gate Bridge was something that had to be done. On our way back to the city we were driving along the coast, saw the endless ocean in front of us and couldn’t help but imagine living there. Living in a state that millions of people call their dream home. A lot of sun, good food and nice people, that are always open for a random conversation. How could anyone  resist?IMG_3528 IMG_3532 IMG_3539 IMG_3567 IMG_3578Back home. Perfect timing to see the sun set above San Francisco rooftops. A perfect day with a lot of new impressions, a day that I would repeat all over again- Love always, x


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