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I know, I shouldn’t say this: But I’m already looking forward for this years fall to finally arrive. Everybody’s talking about enjoying the last sunny days of summer and getting everything out of the long days, but fall has always been my favorite time of the year. When I was younger, I loved it because I did what most young kids do. I loved the month of my birthday the most. I don’t know why but for me, it’s something in the air that makes me feel different. Maybe it’s the leaves or the temperature. It’s the world’s message that the year is slowly but safely, coming to an end. Those are the pictures that inspired me most, when searching for new inspiration.

1ST FASHIONBildschirmfoto 2013-08-13 um 21.48.36 Not only you’re mood but also the way of dressing is usually changing, as soon as the seasons are. I’ve always preferred wearing layers so summer really is a hard time for me, because I really don’t want to have my outfits look boring. I was looking through different kind of look books, and I do know that my search isn’t finished (but then, could it ever be?), but this is really what I want to wear as soon as the warm summer temperatures are falling.

Out of the Everlane catalogue: A simple shirt. People are over thinking fashion a lot lately and I personally don’t hate anything more than all the studded clothes and the  wannabe rockergirl/hipster style that all the big brands are trying to sell right now.

A shirt. As simple as it could be. For me, that’s the key. Because as we all know: There’s beauty in simplicity.

Down below the example. The model, that also is a furniture designer, is wearing the shirt with a kind of Chino pants and she looks fabulous. The best dressed-down style I could ever think of. For me people like that, who could make a simple shirt and pants combo look fantastic, have always been my biggest inspirations. Bildschirmfoto 2013-08-13 um 21.49.39tumblr_mmeeblkS4K1qb83abo1_500

Yet again. I’m positive that someone doesn’t need a closet, which is almost busting, because it’s stuffed full with clothes. It is nice indeed to have some options when it comes to picking outfits, but I think that it’s more than enough to have some key pieces, that you can combine with almost everything. The people that know me well also know that I have a weakness for any kind of boots, so owning one single pair, as it is shown in the picture above isn’t going to happen any time soon I think…


 I’m in love with ZARAs Fall/Winter look book. Clean tailoring, clean colors, clean fabrics. They’ve always been a great source for affordable fashion, but I was having problems with the brand lately. I didn’t like their concept of making high fashion available for everyone because I think they got a bit carried away by the thought of availability. Their prices got cheaper, which usually is a good thing, but they reduced their quality too. Once they were producing in Spain and Morocco, nowadays you see the familiar tag of ‘made in China’ in almost all their products. Also I think their collections weren’t as chic anymore. Seeing this gives me a little hope, maybe they’re going to change a little bit again after all- so anyways: I’m happy to see that they are back.


 Black, white and grey. That’s all I’m going to need this fall and winter. I love the coats, I think they’ve an amazing cut. It reminds me a lot of COS or &other stories. I also like the blouse, which the one on the left is wearing (to hear me going on and on about that, you can read my last post about Everlane blouses too. This time you’re lucky i’m not going to enthusiastically write paragraph after paragraph about that again!).


Why not switch up your style inside your home too? And again: Black, White and Grey are the key colors (yes, I do know that those aren’t necessarily colors, thank you very much!) or shades or whatever. Best example are Swedish or scandinavian interior blogs in general. tumblr_mpr4whzP3y1splbb8o7_500

Bildschirmfoto 2013-08-14 um 14.12.53

I’m in love with styling a room with basics, simple prints and lamps, just taped to the walls. The ultimate goal is to make it look understated without letting it look boring. I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend time at home than decorating and trying new things. A thing that I also like to do when it comes to decorating is taking things their actual meaning by setting it into a whole new concept. Use a couple of sticks that you collected outside as place to hang up some jewelry for example. You can see a lot of things that I collected during my travels in Europe and the United States in my room. I love thinking of ways to make them useful or pretty to look at, because there’s nothing i hate more than putting things in a box and never look at them again.

All in all I can say that there’s a lot to do. This is a quote I found recently that I thought was fitting and I should share it with others. tumblr_mmpjwjBLxy1sp30b1o1_500

love always, x


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