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We Are The Rhoads Photography

Found this amazing photographer team a while ago, I just didn’t have the time to post anything about them yet. It’s enough said, when I say that Kinfolk magazine is one of their customers right? They say: “Our work is all about moments. It’s about catching that thing that happens in an instant but makes you feel something real. We see the world for all of its spontaneity, honesty & humor. We are excited about creating imaginative and honest imagery for our clients and do so with a great deal of passion and enthusiasm.” 006-SonyQ3_Day2_Trails_WeAreTheRhoads-043 007-SonyQ3_Day2_Beach_Rhoads-278 041-FilmScans_2012_WeAreTheRhoads-020 ColorSplash_2013_WeAreTheRhoads-_I2A62221 ColorSplash_2013_WeAreTheRhoadsCC-_I2A5640 Jen_2013_WeAreTheRhoads_I2A6154 NewYorkSaturday_January2013_WeAreTheRhoads-_I2A8003

I love their approach, all their pictures seem to be so natural (and they probably are, I can’t imagine how awesome a photo shoot would be). You should check out their work here.


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