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A weekend in Paris

Sooooo Paris. It’s that one city hat I always had n my bucket list, but I never really got to understand what the thing about this city was, that seemed to be so hypnotising.

Looking in the future, I have to say that I’m really kinda confused. It’s just that I go to all these amazing cities (I’m really thankful to do so, I really am!!!) and I know I want to live in one of them sometime. I spend time in London, also a fair share in New York City. But Paris has showed all them off, not in all aspects (sorry NYC, I’ll always love you!) but in a couple… I’ve never seen a city as fashionable as this one. With it’s bridges and old victorian buildings, it’s more that just Paris. It’s the entire image that people are trying to get a hold of, but nobody really can. I guess there’s something in the Parisian air? It really made me wonder though: I miss fashion classes..IMG_0083

Anyways: Paris was as expected the best place I could have gone for a long weekend getaway. I spend entire days in art museums and loved every second of it. Van Gogh, Monet and da Vinci and Lichtenstein. It was a random mix but it was amazing to travel through time just looking at their works. My favorite one still was the Musée d’Orsay, it’s located in an old train station, but it was remodeled and turned into an museum. The hall is an impressive artwork by itself. I walked in there and the feeling of joy overwhelmed me because the hall was only filled with sculptures and paintings. Above all was the huge original train station clock, overlooking the museums visitors. I loved the expressionists, even though I always thought modernism was more my thing but I know that something changed since I saw the paintings in this museum…2013-10-05 13.30.36We spend a lot of time walking around Bastille and Le Marais, because this is where we lived and it was perfect as it was because both districts are packed with art galleries, typical street cafés and little boutiques. It was also a plus that we lived right next to the Centre Pompidou, so we could walk to the Louvre easily! I had absolutely no problem with just walking around aimlessly because I fell in love with buildings and people at every place I went!IMG_0077

View out of our apartment in Le Marais. Trés chic and very french. Luckily the patisserie wasn’t far away either, so we could get fresh baked baguette and croissants for breakfast every morning.

2013-10-03 11.10.492013-10-03 12.37.02

I could get used to the french way of living I think. It’s also such a beautiful language to listen to!


Also had to go and see the Château de Versailles. Sadly we couldn’t spend a lot of time there. As soon as you set one foot on the ground of this beautiful place in Versailles, just outside Paris, you feel as if transformed to another century. I was almost waiting to see some royalties walking around in their dresses and umbrellas, talking about the necessity to throw some big party (yes, they did live excessively back then). And I wouldn’t have had anything against a little talk with Marie Antoinette either! The Château itself was impressive enough, but what really took my breath away was the enclosed park space. Filled with labyrinths, sculptures and places to have some afternoon tea.


I’ll be back for a longer time, I promise. See you soon, je t’aime et au revoir!

2013-10-05 12.27.35

Love always, x


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