Art / Inspiration

The Artist and the Model

A movie I watched recently and it’s too good not to talk about it. The artist and the model is a Spanish/French movie, which is in theaters right now. Selected ones probably because it is a truly artistic movie, that big theaters won’t have on their schedule. The artist and the model is one of those artworks, where you can hit pause at any moment and frame the shown picture. Even though it’s produced in 2012 it is shot in Black and White, which makes it even more authentic. It deals with an artist living in France, who’s looking for a new model for his last master piece. She’s a young woman from Spain, trying to find a place to hide since it is 1943 and WWII is looking for it’s victims. You can almost feel the warm temperatures watching the movie, feel everything that the actors were trying to convey. It’s a quiet piece, there’s a sense of unspoiled nature, an appreciation of every individual leaf on a tree. My favorite scene: Both of them analyzing a Rembrandt sketch at shows a childs first steps. Words are rare but well chosen- Das-Maedchen-und-der-Kuenstler_4Screen shot 2014-01-02 at 15.51.36 Screen shot 2014-01-02 at 15.51.56 Screen shot 2014-01-02 at 15.52.46 Screen shot 2014-01-02 at 15.53.24 Screen shot 2014-01-02 at 15.54.45 taatmA masterpiece by Fernando Trueba starring Jean Rochefort and Aida Folch, which connects art and filmmaking perfectly.


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