Thoughts of a young person and her challenges (or: A new years post to myself)

NOTE: My “let’s” appear in random order and are by no means sorted by importance. Also it has to be stated that everybody’s “let’s” list would look very differently and it’s intent is not to offend but to inspire.


Let’s free our minds and enjoy vast open spaces. Let’s live in the moment and feel our heart pounding when we feel freedom. Let’s simplify life and and only let space for things and people that are relevant. Be aware of perfect moments and appreciate them because with their 1-2 second span, they’re usually gone as fast as they appear. Also: BREATHE and sit in silence from time to time.


* Lets be one with nature. Lets get lost in nature because we tend to forget that we ourselves ARE in fact nature. Being one with our surroundings doesn’t only mean to get outside and breathe fresh air. It also means to treat nature the way it should be treated. It is the task of our generation to take care. Nature provides us with such positive energy and it is about time that we give something back to it for providing us with it’s beauty. For centuries the human kind has worked against nature to “fight it’s odds” and conquer. It’s about time for nature to conquer back because it has been our slave for far too long.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Let us develop, let us thrive. Create great art but also let us surround ourselves with literature and science. And most importantly never stop learning. I, for example, am way too accustomed to the fact that teachers are delivering me knowledge everyday. I get it perfectly portioned on sheets of paper and almost directly fed in class while we read scientific texts or learn about Tadao Ando. I want to never stop learning new things and surround myself with knowledge and witty texts about Socrates. Also: get things done.

Let’s learn about astrology and greek mythology. Both topics that are so relevant to help us understand how we work today and two things that allow us to break out of our fast pacing world and see it from a different angle. The sea is moved by the moon and the moon itself has a large influence on our everyday behavior. If that is not worth learning about than I don’t know what is. tumblr_nakwiiOZxV1s38zo3o1_1280

Let’s find beauty in places we don’t expect it at first. Also let’s redefine our relation to beauty. The term Beauty has been abused by social media and hollywood for far too long. Every single human on planet earth defines beauty in a different way. There’s no right and wrong. Also let’s practice acceptance and have no fear of ugliness. In order to be ourselves we have to break free of the common assumption that we have to look flawless all the time (thank you Hollywood, you asshole). In fact (but this is only my personal opinion) the most beautiful person is the one that is truly him/herself.

tumblr_mi9322C49B1qabj6qo1_1280Let’s GIVE. Of course there will always be corruption and the evil, there’s no way anyone can sweet talk that let alone make it go away. That is just an utopian idea. But let’s try to give more without expecting anything in return. Not all the time, obviously. But I’m positive that gratitude can be practiced. Plus share! The one thing that I’m most afraid of in the future is isolation. People move to bigger cities and live their life creating their personal definition of happiness and/or success without looking left or right anymore. Aren’t people supposed to be social beings?




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